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A Northwest Native, who, as a child, learned from loving Grandparents about the Earth, Plants and Life. Who now brings wisdom, whimsy & common sense to each project. With a connection to the natural world, gardens and structures overcome barriers such as concrete and asphalt. Casual to Elegant. May your dreams become smiles and your calm everlasting. Consider your garden and space as an ever changing life force. Such as two wellknown beings below think".

" There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth "
- Rumi

" I am not a thing-a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process. "
- Buckminster Fuller

  • Earthly Designs

    Barge / Crane / Bulk heads and Eco Blocks. Bobcat / Dozer / Trachoe / Demo boxes / Geotechnical consulting / Fertilizer injection systems / Rain Sensors / Remote Controlled / Micro, drip and traditional automated sprinklers / Hydro Seeding / SOD / Seed lawns / Dewatering of Crawl Spaces and Basements / Catchment Systems and Sump Pump Installations / Tree Removal / View Enhancement / Pruning and Stump Grinding and Removal / French Drains / Catchment Systems / Sump Pumps / Battery Back Ups / Alarms / Playground Prep / Play chips installation / Large Tree Thinning / View Enhancement Pruning / Removal / Stump Grinding / Zen Gardens / Man made and Organic applications for gardens / Specimen pairings, procurement and transplanting service / Xeriscape and much much more.

  • Quality

    Client and Earth sensitive applications of both traditional and new age installations

  • Retrofitting

    Important aspects to any design to meld new or recycled components with existing home, garden and properties without changing the overall harmony of the structure and elements of the design

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