A Northwest Native, who, as a child, learned from loving Grandparents, parents and caring friends, about the Earth, Plants and Life. Now he brings wisdom, whimsy and common sense to each project. With a connection to the natural world, any garden or structure can overcome barriers. Designs can be casual to elegant. May your dreams become smiles and your calm everlasting. Consider your garden and space as an ever changing life force. Such as two well known beings below think".

email: camlees1313@gmail.com

"There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth "
- Rumi

" I am not a thing-a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process. "
- Buckminster Fuller

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Cam is an accomplished and versitile craftsman who can attend to any landscape or gardening project. He is competent, honest and reasonable. He is always the first one I call.

Sister Patricia G.

Summer of 2013 we undertook a major renovation project on a 93 old cottage just feet from water's edge in Washington. While the place had been taken care of while lived in, it hadn't been loved in several years and the harbor otters had taken up home in the crawl space leaving the HVAC ducting, insulation and other services in a state of disarray. Additionally the outbuildings (carport and wash house) were in need of re-roofing, and the main house deck needed TLC. The Terrestrial Adventures team under the expert direction of Cam Lees methodically and efficiently brought this project up to code and habitability, with a focused effort in the span of 6 weeks. We couldn't be more happy with the results and give the team a strong recommendation for anyone needing serious terrestrial reconstruction expertise!

Kurt and Jennifer - Property Owners

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